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The Interior Touch

Nycol Mealer, principle of Interior Touch, has been helping Mealer Homes customers create beautiful interiors for more than a decade. Now she joins her husband as a “fixture” at Mealer Homes. Nycol will help customers choose beautiful and long-lasting design materials to decorate their new home.

It’s more than her outstanding sense of contemporary and traditional style that makes loyal clients for Nycol; it’s the way she listens to her customer’s requests, then patiently leads them through a variety of options — without being overbearing or insistent.

“I work to help my clients find the answer to their unique desires and tastes,” Nycol says. “It’s never ‘my way’; it’s all about bringing out the fabrics, textures, colors, or styles until a customer says, ‘That’s it. That’s what I’ve been wanting in my home.’”

For this reason, Interior Touch is the exclusive interior decorating resource for Mealer Homes.

As construction begins, Nycol spends time with each family, listening, taking notes, and asking questions. Then she guides the selection process with a variety of options for interior painting schemes, lighting, cabinetry, countertops, and much more. Working with her clients, making each visit a relaxed, pleasant experience is one important reason why people appreciate Mealer Homes.

Nycol can be reached at .